About us

Our company

Our company specialises in supplying beekeeping equipment, beekeeper protective clothing, bee tools and honey equipment. We also offer courses and a newsletter for beginner beekeepers.

Our team

Our team is widely experienced with equipment, tools, honey and also keep bees across the country in 3 different provinces. We are not a large beekeeping company as our expertise lies in supplying knowledge and providing quality equipment to beekeepers, crop farmers and pollinators!

The combined experience of the team is over 30 years in the industry.


We focus on developing beekeepers and the beekeeping industry by providing knowledge and skill transfer through our websites, beekeeping courses, bee books and ebooks. We also have a bee DVD that runs through snippets of an actual bee course we ran in 2012 as well as additional content we have added since of our beekeeping projects and practical beekeeping experiences.

Bee WARE has been in operation since 2004.