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Bee Smoker for bees

Bee Smoker for bees

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Bee Smoker for bees

Smoking bees calms them down. Too much smoke however can have the opposite effect.

We supply a medium size bee smoker with a leather bellow and heat guard around the cylinder. This heat guard protects the beekeeper from burning or melting his or her gloves if they pick up the smoker by the cylinder when hot.

Smoke honeybees using about 4-5 good puffs of smoke and then let the bees have enough time to react to the effects of the smoke for about at least 2 min before starting to do any work with the bees. At about 1m30s add another 2 puffs and then wait the full time out before continuing.

Bee Smokers are one time purchases as their lifespan with good management and care can be over 8 years.