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Love bees? We are passionate about bees. Spread the word by clicking on one of the icons above and sharing! I remember when I started beekeeping. The first bee course I attended was in 2004 and I was still talking about the bees for weeks afterwards non-stop. I couldn't stop sharing... click above to start!

I keep bees, I also train on beekeeping for beginners and intermediate students as well as hold over 13 years of experience and knowledge of the industry and how beekeeping works. It's not just a business; it's like part of my family.

We have tried to cram as much as we can fit onto a BEE Webinar with our latest edition of the Bee Webinar video training. It includes fast tracking new beginner beekeepers with focused advice, epic know-how and a starter bee training in a short space of time. We cover a lot in 40 minutes and take 5 minutes for questions and answers.

Why all the buzz?

Many newbee beekeepers (see what I did there with "newbie"?) struggle with where to start and what equipment to get and how do you get bees? What do bees need and how best to find it...? How do we keep bees without any land or farm or enough space? All of these are typical questions we get from first timer newbees!

This Bee Webinar will also have added success when including our Practical Beekeeping eBook which is a PDF of our 56-page ebook we sell separately for $17 on our sister website here: www.practicalbeekeeping.com and if you're interested buzz over there now and get your first chapter on us...

Bees are cool. We've tried to enhance the opportunity for all newbees to start beekeeping with our latest Bee Webinar.

Let's go beekeeping!

Epic New Bee Training Webinar