Steel Hive Tools for beekeepers

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Hive Tools - essential for accessing hive chambers & more

This tool is like the pen to Shakespeare. It is the primary utility at the apiary site when conducting internal inspections and working the hive.

One uses it to move frames around, loosen propolised frames and hive components, lift frames and open brood and super chambers to give you some examples.

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hive tool


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Directions - GPS: S 25.87756 E 028.17355

Product Profile - Hive Tool

Hive Tools
1 - Open the bee hive
Stainless/Mild steel


Postage R110

2 - Lift and move frames
Yellow coat / No Coat

3 - Cut comb, scrape propolis and bhur comb off

4 - Lift queen excluder, break propolis seals

Curved one end | Sharp other end
Bee equipment


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Another essential beekeeping tool. Every time you go to a hive, to inspect internally, smoke the bees. The effect renders the most aggressive bee colony to become lethargic and less active.

Aside from creating a cause-and-effect reaction, the bees also consume honey and struggle to fly as well as sting.

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