Queen Excluders / Koningin Uitsluiters / Separators


Queen excluders are used to keep the queen bee from being able to lay inside the super chamber where the honey is stored.

The queen excluder is sold separately to the bee hive and is very useful when it comes time to harvest honey.

The queen bee will lay eggs only in the brood [broei] chamber if she cannot access the super [heuning] chamber above when a queen excluder is used to prevent the queen bee from getting through .

The benefit of the queen excluder is that when it comes to harvesting honey from the super chamber there are no eggs or larvae in the honeycomb and ONLY ripe honey is ready for harvesting and filtering.

Bee hive & queen excluder

hive and excluder

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Product Profile - Metal Queen Excluders

Queen Excluders
1 - Exclude queen bees
Aluminium components

R100 each

*Mininmum Postage R110

2 - Easy harvesting of honey
Metal rods and rim

3 - Aluminium components

4 - Metal rods with cover on the rim

Protect super chamber from queen bee laying eggs

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Bee equipment



Queen Excluders

1 - Exclude queen bees
Plastic queen Excluders

R50 each

*Mininmum Postage R110

2 - Easy harvesting of honey
All plastic moulded

3 - All plastic components

4 - No rust due to plastic makeup

5 - Can be cut and used as entrance blockers

Protect super chamber from queen bee laying eggs

plastic queen excluder

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Together the Bee hive and Queen excluder make a great team!

Add a langstroth hive to your cart (R999 excl p+p R350)

All of our beehives are treated with Waksol which is a natural weather protection and also acts as honeybee attractant when placed in direct sun. Within 2 -3 days in a bee friendly area you should have a new colony move in to one of our bee hives in the spring/summer season! Weight as it stands = 17kg

All bee hive frames are wired and have wax strips. The lid is actually covered with aluminium sheeting. The PIC above is before the final product is complete.

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More about Bee Hives

We can send Assembled bee hives anywhere in South Africa within 5 working days by mail order
from R350 postage extra per hive.

Or you can collect from our shop in Centurion. Call before you come!

Start with a brood chamber, 10 frames with wax foundation, a base and a lid. One can go the whole hog and get the full deal. The complete assembled hive. REMEMBER!

This does not include the queen excluder - SOLD SEPARATELY for R100 excl p+p .

You can expect to have foundation wax strips in both chambers, 10 frames per chamber. You can use creosote to treat your hives. You can also use Bitumen Silver Enamel paint. Or do both. Be sure to use the correct creosote as some do contain contaminants.

We have opted for the Waksol treatment of our bee hives. This means the bee hives are dunked into a vat of melted bees wax and submerged for 3 minutes. The closest method to having a natural beehive and the best as far as food grade honey goes. **It also makes it hard for bees to ignore the new smell of home...

Also leave your beehives to dry and air properly before transferring a colony into it. Frames usually come standard. You can make your own. Do not treat these.

You can and it is recommended that you put wax foundation sheets on the super frames. You can also use Pollen traps and feeders with your hives. Feeders are used while wintering your colonies. It is also important that your frames have wire. These offer support to the wax comb when fully built and assists when inspecting hives to stabilise comb, especially with super frames when it comes to honey extracting in a spinner.

A queen bee excluder is necessary in the Langstroth bee Hive as it prevents the queen bee from moving between the brood and super chambers. Thus you have brood in the bottom chamber and surplus honey in the super chamber. Workers can move easily between the metal wire.

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We Also Recommend this... Feeder frames

Feeder frame are plastic moulds that fit inside the hives

Our moulded feeder frames are made to fit Langstroth beehives and help to feed the bee colony internally and have two separate compartments. One smaller than the other and they are both ribbed to give bees a grip in order to climb out if they fall in. This avoids drowning of other feeding methods.

Feeder frames are a great way to feed your bees as no "Robbing" can take place from outside. Only the bee colony has direct access to the feeding frame and therefore the honey, sugar-water or pollen substitute of your choice. As there are two compartments you can feed two alternate types of food to the bee colony at the same time. It is like an IV bag inside the bee colony with direct feeding.

Other types of feeding is a bottle method: Take a bottle and mix your sugar water and place outside the bee hive and close the lid. Prick the lid with a drawing pin about 6 times and place the bottle either inside the beehive [after removing some frames to allow space] or on the lid with a wooden base to allow the drip of honey to flow on to the roof. "Robbing" by other bees is not effective beekeeping. It is when bees, usually from a stronger bee hive, loot the honey stores of a neighbouring honey bee colony.

The pipe method is using a plastic pipe to feed the bees with a dripper that leads into the hive itself and is filled from the outside. This is a DIY project for someone with good deal of time.


hive tool Feeder frames

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