Our next Available Bee Course is on at the 5 May | 2 June | 7 July

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Honey bee course

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1 - You get a Full day discovering the bee
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2 - You learn about bee tools
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3 - You experience about 2 hours of practical beekeeping with hives in the field.
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can be fun. Some people do it for leisure and free honey and others do it professionally. Either way it's still a great way to get outdoors, meet people and get closer to nature. Our beekeeping course includes an estimated 90-120 minutes inspecting a live hive.

We recently hosted beginner beekeepers from as far afield as Botswana, Namibia, Kwa-Zulu Natal and Malawi keen to learn about keeping bees!

Get involved as a hobbyist or begin a road to commercial bee farming, either way you need to get more knowledge and hands on experience. It's like a test drive before you buy!

For a full breakdown of the beginner beekeeping course please see the bee course outline below. As a beekeeper in South Africa keeping bees is very exciting! You can do it too!

The full day beekeeping course includes a practical demonstration of working a bee hive as well as theory about beekeeping.


Other products that are available...
[Bee Gloves] [Bee suits] [Hive Tools] [Hives] [Smokers] [Blue book] [Extractors]

More about beekeeping training

Beekeeping Project Training

We have assisted new beekeeping projects to get off the ground by providing over 20 years of beekeeping experience and knowledge as well as all of the beekeeping equipment required to make a beekeeping project successful!

We now provide advisory and support services to the development of beekeeping projects as well as the setting up of new community and rural projects.

To get more information regarding these services email sales@beeware.co.za or call 012 757 5538 in office hours! Landline is 012 771 4288 WEEKDAYS. Call us : 012 771 4288 | 083 308 0042

Beekeeping in South Africa has phenomenal potential for promoting biodiversity and food security.


We Also think you show know this...

We run a beekeeping course from one of three venues:

  • Midrand smallholding near Dischem warehouse

Final Venue choice depends on number of students, weather and availability at the time and date of the courses.

The next course date IS 5 May | 2 June | 7 July

We provide directions to registered beginner beekeepers the week before the Beekeeping course takes place.

It will be for a FULL Day. Starting at 8h15 until late in the afternoon [estimated 17h00]. We will focus on as much hands-on theory as possible with at least an hour session of practical work at a hive.

The PRACTICAL BeeKeeping demo includes each learner removing a frame from a live bee hive and inspecting it. A search for the queen bee and description of comb, drone cells, larvae, eggs and internal workings of the hive. All learners participate in the practical exercise with a live bee hive.

We will be charging R950 for the course which includes the facilitation and tea and biscuits at the site. Please be sure you purchase necessary equipment such as a bee suit and gloves before coming on the workshop.

Or you can rent a bee suit and gloves for the day for an additional R100pp.

A minimum of 6 candidates is required to run the beekeeping course so be sure to bring a friend!

Always feel free to contact us regarding beekeeping equipment and tips.

Watch our Bee Blog for Calendar dates of the next bee Course
Bee Course Dates 5 May | 2 June | 7 July

Next Basic Beekeeping Course is on at the 5 May | 2 June | 7 July


Overview of the beekeeping industry in South Africa.

Biology of the Honeybee

  • Life History
  • Activities
  • Reproduction etc.

Basic Beekeeping Equipment


  • Treatment of and
  • Assembly of hive components

Beginning Beekeeping

  • First considerations
  • Otaining bees
  • Safety etc.


  • General:
    Apiary site; Bee food sources; Hive inspection; Bee diseases
  • Specialised:
    Swarm Control, Feeding bees etc.


Beeswax and other products of the hive:

  • Beeswax Sources
  • Beeswax processing
  • Beeswax use

Practical LIVE Demonstration:

  • Opening a hive
  • Finding the queen (time permitting)
  • Bee hive Demo
  • How to handle frames
  • Maintenance and inspection of live bee hive
  • Learners each get to handle frames and bees
  • See the difference between drone comb, worker cells & honeycomb
  • Full disclosure on managing live bees and you put your bee suits on to experience it -

Bee course live demo


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