Bee Tools for beekeepers in Africa!

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Essential beekeeping tools. Every time you go to a beehive, to inspect internally, smoke the bees. The effect renders the most aggressive bee colony to become lethargic and less active.

We stock everything beekeepers need to start beekeeping! We have all the protective clothing in the form of full body bee suits with detachable veils, the bee jackets or bee jockey as well as the loose veil with ropes. At times some sizes or units may be out of stock but it only takes about 7 working days from the time we receive payment for the stock to be ready!

In addition to the protective clothing we also provide bee smokers, bee hive tools, bee hives, bee catch boxes or nuc boxes, wax sheets, bee brushes and queen excluders! We have both plastic queen excluders and metal queen excluders.

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Other beekeeping tools include frame grips, frame wire, loose frames and unassembled frames. There are high seasons and low seasons with regards to beekeeping so at times stock availability can be low or out so just email or call before you visit the shop!

We also supply more serious beekeeping equipment such as honey extractors, honey settling tanks, honey heating tanks and honey filters and honey strainers. Honey is why we do what we do with bees after all. The bees agree! We love bees and have an affair with honeybees for over 1 years now!

If you are more into serious commercial beekeeping then our queen marking pens, queen bee clips, queen cages and queen cell cups are likely to interest you! We also provide different types of bee hives such as the bee pak which is a composite plastic bee hive that is 21st Century technology and recently won a R1 million prize for innovation in South Africa.

As beekeepers there are numerous bee tools you need. Some additional bee tools would be internal feeder frames, swarm lure wipes, small hive beetle blasters which trap the small hive beetle and the American foulbrood testing kits!

We have books for sale. Some are old and from the 1980's and others more recent. Some bee books are in Afrikaans and the other is in English. We also have our own Practical Beekepeing ebook for sale which is an easy-to-read electronic pdf to get people started anywhere in the world. It can be downloaded any time, anywhere for a small fee.

The Afrikaans bee book is about 180 pages of bee material dating back to 1980's with a couple of chapters that are more recent. The print quality is not the best quality as the Afrikaans bee book available today is a copy of the original scanned book. Keep in mind that this book is roughly 100 pages less than the English edition published in 2001. It has no colour pages either. Check if we have stock first...It's not readily available.

The English bee book is 280 odd pages of material that is much more contemporary with the 3rd edition published in 2001 and includes high quality print and numerous colour photographs. This Beekeeping in South Africa bee book is a comprehensive study of beekeeping in general with specialist chapters included as well.

Aside from creating a cause-and-effect reaction, the bees also consume honey and struggle to fly as well as sting. Beekeeping in South Africa or Africa in general means you work with the Apis Mellifera which is usually aggressive so the right protective clothing using a bee suit, bee jacket and at least a bee veil is well recommended!

Amongst the bee smoker, there are a number of bee tools that are essential for keeping bees:

Bee tools collection


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Bee tool Product Profile - Essential Bee tools

Bee Tools
1 - Calms the bees
2 - Open lids, work frames
Hive tool
3 - Protects fingers and hands
Gloves: PVC | Leather
4 - Protects beekeeper
from R1365*
5 - Protects ankles and feet
from Hardware
6 - Accommodates bees
Bee hives
7 - Strains crushed honey
Honey Conical Filter strainer
8 - Reference for bee info
Bee book

* Price quoted here is for in-store purchases.

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We Also Recommend this...

For beekeepers looking to be commerical operators of medium to large size then you would also require these:

Honey extractors, settling tanks, honey heating tanks, buckets, honeygate taps, double strainer for honey and uncapping knives/forks with drip trays.

9 - Extract honey
From R3600*
10 - Settle and store honey
Stainless steel
Storage tanks
From R900*
11 - Keep honey
25L Buckets
From plastic shops
12 - Leak proof tap
13 - Stainless steel honey filter



It's only the essentials...

For more info on the other equipment available visit the bee shop and the rest of our website for more individual bee tool information.

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