Cape Town Authorised Dealer

We aim to develop beekeeping as an industry by providing as many resellers and partners as is sustainable for each South African Province as well as neighbouring countries.

Do you already operate a co-op or agri-business that supplies equipment to farmers, co-op members and joe-public? Then, beekeeping can add a new source of income for you as well as improve local production of crops, fruit and biodiversity!

We already support numerous dealers in and around the country! There are some terms and conditions involved.

Cape Town store is officially an Authorised Dealer of Bee WARE

As an online business, we rely heavily on our website to do alot of the work for us. Now we have an authorised dealer that works with beekeeping projects and keeps his own bees.


Bees make honey, Pollinate fruit & crops!

We have sourced research from across the world that proves how valuable bees are to the sustainability of our food security.

What does this mean? Bees are repsonsible for pollinating 85 of the 115 vegetables we eat around the world and sustain our lives on.

Why so important? Bees not only pollinate the crops and fruits and plants you live near but they also ensure that if used effectively, the yield on crops is better and fruit set is larger as well!

Some amazing figures on using pollination: yield on sunflower seed increases by 45%, macadamia's increase by 15% and a grower's experience at Serpentine, Australia: Twenty bee hives placed on 40 acres increased the orange crop by 2000 cases.

Furthermore, Avocado: Review of bee pollination benefits from honey bees represented 81 per cent of insect visitors (South Africa). In Australia, where honeybees have been used- versus an orchard that did not - the fruit yield increased by 350 per cent (227 to 788 fruits per tree). In this particular experiment the huge increased yield caused a corresponding decrease in average fruit weight (by 12 per cent).

Become a reseller or dealer and let's get farmers involved with bees!


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