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Bee Suits and Jackets - with attachable veils

Bee Suits in South Africa

Beekeeping means working with bees. It includes lifting of brood & super chambers, frames and more. Your hands need to be protected from stings as well as any messed honey.

We stock 100% DENIM Bee suits of varying sizes and usually make-to-order bee jacket | jockeys and bee veils. Our safety wear for beekeepers is export quality! Bee suits made in South Africa.

We stock bee suits which are full body and include a detachable veil which is a soft gauze from R1350 incl. VAT. Courier fees are not included.

Besides that, your body needs to be protected too! It is always advisable that you wear protective clothing, bee gloves and boots when working with bees. Ensure you are double-checked before you begin an inspection. It only takes 2.5mm for bees to gain access to you. We provide bee suits, bee veils and bee jackets or jockeys.

Bee J prices excl. postage
Full Bee Suits
Full Bee Suits
Full Bee Suits
Full Bee Suits
Size: Large
Size: XL
Size: XXL
Size: 3XL
Small man/ woman
Average man
Tall + 90kg
Tall + 95kg
Veil included & detachable
Veil included & detachable
Veil included & detachable
Veil included & detachable
Price: R1365
Price: R1365
Price: R1365
Price: R1420
Bee Jacket with veil Bee Jacket with veil Bee Jacket with veil Bee Jacket with veil
Price: R999
Price: R999
Price: R999
Price: R999

**Gloves are not included in the purchase price with a bee suit or bee jacket. Bee gloves are an additional R175 a pair and come in either leather or red PVC.

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***We also supply 4XL, 5XL and 6XL sizes upon request @ R1420 - R1600 ***


Client feedback

Hi there,

"As I was placing my stunning new beehives on their new locations,  another swarm just arrived so please make it 2 new beehives for the 25th FEB. If we can have them ready & post them on the 25th, they may arrive sooner rather than later. " ~ Sha Ara

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Directions - GPS: S 25.87756 E 028.17355

Product Profile - Bee suits, Bee Jackets in South Africa

1 - Easy to keep bees
100% DENIM material

From R1365

Postage R180

2 - Easy harvesting of honey
Chest & ankle zips

3 - HIGH Protection level

4 - Requires bee gloves

Wrist and ankle bands

Pockets and the Bee Veils are detachable for easy cold wash!

Bee equipment
Benefits Bee Jacket with veil
Bee Jacket with veil

Bee Jacket with hard gauze veil

R999 incl VAT

1 - Medium Protection level

2 - Requires bee gloves

3 - Requires underclothes for added protection such as spare overall

Wrist and ankle bands

Pockets and the Veils are detachable for easy cold wash!

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Bee equipment


Here be the place where you can buy bee overalls, bee suits with veils, bee veils only, bee jackets, pvc & leather gloves and more...

Different people in the industry have different preferences when it comes to bee equipment and protective clothing. Some might say, you only need a veil and an overall - that works. A full bee suit with a veil works too. It depends on your wallet and your level of safety while at work with bees. Preference should always be second to safety when dealing with bees.

Our equipment is designed by a beekeeper and is of high quality. Feel free to request products not on our list here to be made available...

Full Bee Suits with veil - the Bee Ware favourite has a chest zip, veil with zip, wrist and ankle bands and zips on the ankles. These are the Rolls Royce of protective gear for beekeepers.

From a Small, Medium & Large for R1365 up to XXL and XXL upwards from R1420 a suit premier bee suits. Bigger sizes are also available from R1400 upwards to sizes of 7XL Tall sizes by order only. 4XL, 5XL and 6XL are generally available in store however not always. ** Please Enquire beforehand to be sure **

For Bee Jacket with veil it is from R999.

Other products that are available...
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Directions - GPS: S 25.87756 E 028.17355

More about Bee suits, protective clothing in South Africa

Bee jockey, bee jacketBee Jacket with veil

from R999 (Large,XL, XXL, XXXL) to R1120 (XXXXL+)
email order


Bee Jackets in South Africa are a half suit with a built-in veil zipped to the jacket. You wear jeans or denim pants for leg protection. Also called, Bee jockeys in South Africa, they only provide modetate protection.

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**This does not include the leather or PVC bee gloves- SOLD SEPARATELY for R180 excl p+p .**

Veil with hat

Veil with hard gauze and soft hat -made to order (allow 1 week lead time)

from R525 email order

Just a bee veil only - you can purchase a single veil with ropes to tie around your body wearing your own protective set of clothes albeit jeans and rugby top or other...You could also use a plain overall. It only covers to your neckline at the shoulders. Bees tend to creep inside and therefore offers low levels of protection.

Becoming Protected

Generally, beeekeepers use suits or protective gear at the apiary. You do an internal inspection of a hive which requires gear with the appropriate precautions. You want to be checking the state of the brood chamber, the super and the general health of the beehive. This is done best by having the confidence of the quality beesuits or protective gear you use.


Practical Beekeeping ebook


We Also Recommend this... Queen Excluders

Koningin Uitsluiters / Separators - essential for keeping the queen bee out of the honey

Queen excluders are used to keep the queen bee from being able to lay eggs inside the super chamber where the honey is stored.

The queen excluder is sold separately to the bee hive and is very useful when it comes time to harvest honey.

The queen will lay eggs only in the brood [broei kas] chamber if she cannot access the super [heuning kas] chamber above when a queen excluder is used to prevent the queen bee from getting through.

The benefit of the queen excluder is that when it comes to harvesting honey from the super chamber there are no eggs or larvae in the honeycomb and ONLY ripe honey is ready for harvesting and filtering.

Together the Bee hive and Queen excluder make a great team!

metal queen excluder