Bee Smokers for beekeepers

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Another essential beekeeping tool. Every time you go to a hive, to inspect internally, smoke the bees. The effect renders the most aggressive bee colony to become lethargic and less active.

Aside from creating a cause-and-effect reaction, the honeybees also consume honey and struggle to fly as well as sting.

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Product Profile - Bee Smokers with heat guard

Bee Smokers
1 - Calms the bees
Stainless steel


Postage R120

2 - Less stinging
Leather Bellow
3 - Allow 2 minutes to react
Heat Guard

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Bee equipment


Here you need to decide about the size of your apiary and time you will invest in inspections & harvesting honey. The more time and beehives you will be inspecting the more specialised you want your smoker.

We provide stainless steel smokers with leather bellows. There are various price ranges and each to suit different budgets. Our products are supplied as stated / shown above with a leather bellow and heat guard made with a stainless steel canister body and dome shape lid.

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From R360, there are at least 5 different types of bee smokers to choose from. You will also require fuels for the bee smokers that burn long enough to complete your inspection. Usually, brown cardboard -without printed branding or plastic or tape - cow dung, oak chips and pine needles. Ensure that you carry a lighter and or matches with you.

Our equipment is designed by a beekeeper and is of high quality. Feel free to request products not on our list here to be made available...

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More about Bee Smokers

Good practice includes smoking bees before you start an internal inspection. You can use cardboard, cow dung and pine needles as the accepted favourites. Do not use any material with ink or plastic or any chemically treated fuel. It is wise to keep matches in the cubbyhole or smoker itself. So you can always light your fuel of choice at the apiary site.

Some bee smokers have a heat guard and some don't. This is neither here nor there. Be sure to maintain your bee smoker with regular cleaning and careful storage. It should last you many seasons.

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