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Essential beekeeping tools. Every time you go to a honey bee hive, to inspect internally, smoke the bees. The effect renders the most aggressive bee colony to become lethargic and less active.

Aside from creating a cause-and-effect reaction, the african bees also consume honey and struggle to fly as well as sting. Beekeeping in South Africa or Africa in general means you work with the Apis Mellifera which is usually aggressive so the right protective clothing using a bee suit, bee jacket and at least a bee veil is well recommended!

Amongst the bee smoker, there are a number of bee tools that are essential for keeping bees:

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Bee tool Product Profile - Essential Bee tools

Bee Videos
Basic Bee Video no audio - 1st attempt!
A recent inspection of a bee hive in our apiary!
Bee suits demo video

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We Also Recommend this beekeeping equipment...

For beekeepers looking to be commerical operators od medium to large size then you would also require these:

Honey extractors, settling tanks, honey heating tanks, buckets, honeygate taps, double strainer for honey and uncapping knives/forks with drip trays.

9 - Extract honey
From R3600*
10 - Settle and store honey
From R1950*
11 - Keep honey
25L Buckets
From plastic shops
12 - Leak proof tap
13 - Stainless steel honey filter


It's only the essentials...

For more info on the other equipment available visit the bee shop and the rest of our website for more individual bee tool information.

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